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Frequently Asked Questions:

How safe is the free download?
Our free demo download is stored in a secure location on our server. It contains NO viruses or other nasty little critters. It has NO spyware and NO advertisements of any kind. It is not bundled with any other software. It is a complete software application that includes all of the features that you see advertised on our website.

How long may I use the demo version?
Once you download and install it, you may use it for up to two weeks without purchase.

How many records am I allowed to keep in the software?
You may enter as many records as your system can hold and process. We do not limit your record count or charge you more to store more records. The only limitations you will have is in the size of your available hard drive space and how much data your system can process efficiently. Hard drive space for your data can be less than the space taken up by a few quality pictures. And, today, most systems have more than enough processing power to handle tens of thousands of records without any noticeable difference in performance.

Can you extend my demo expiration?
Unfortunately, we can't. If you uninstall the demo and reinstall, you will have to start over with new records. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Do you charge for maintenance or support?
We are happy to provide you with free online/email technical support of the ChildCare Office Pro product that you have purchased for as long as you continue to use it. We have found that we can provide support to you most effectively and efficiently via online/email, and we are able to keep the cost of ChildCare Office Pro software to a minimum. Our software releases are stable and straightforward, so we actually receive few requests for support.

Are you sure that there won't be any fees later?
There really are no additional fees. There is no backend. There is no catch. We promise not to bug you. You purchase ChildCare Office Pro software, and we support it. Isn't that the way it should be? That's all there is to it.

What is the network version?
ChildCare Office Pro Network version allows two or more networked computers in your office to share data. That means that they can share the same set of records in real time. How is it done? The program files are installed on the networked computers. The data file (the file that holds all of your records) is placed in a shared location on your office network where the computers can connect to it. Once they're connected, they can share the data.

Can I order the network version so that computers in my office can share records?
Sure! But, ChildCare Office Pro is not networking software. So, your computers must be networked before you install it. If you are not familiar with networking, we suggest that you talk to a professional about networking your office.