Our free download of ChildCare Office Pro software is provided to you so that you can 'try before you buy.' Our demo is complete with all of the same, advanced features that we've advertised on our website. You may use our demo version for a period of up to two weeks without purchase. If you decide to purchase, we will email your valid Registration Code that you will enter into the demo version to unlock it. Any records that you have entered into the demo version will remain intact at the time of purchase. While the demo version is our standalone version, you may upgrade to our network version at the time of purchase, and your records will still remain intact.

ChildCare Office Pro software contains no advertisements, malware, viruses, spyware or third-party software of any kind. However, always download only from our official website. We are aware of various "download" sites that claim to distribute our software. It is not safe! It is not authorized nor distributed by us, and it likely does contain viruses and/or other harmful malware.

ChildCare Office Pro is compatible with Windows operating systems; W10, W8, W7, VISTA, and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Minimum system requirements: 5 MB - 130 MB free disk space, minimum 256 MB RAM, minimum 800 MHz processor. Most systems today have more than double the minimum system requirements.

While all fields of the Download form are required, please read our pledge to you:

No part of your download information will be shared with anyone for any reason. We use this information internally for statistical purposes only. We do not collect information for direct marketing. You will not receive unsolicited email (spam) from us.

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Windows Version
To find your Windows version, the easiest way is to click Start, then right-click on Computer, the click Properties. It will show your Windows version and System information (32 or 64-bit). You can also find this information if you click on System information in Control Panel.

MS Access Version (not required)
ChildCare Office Pro is a Microsoft Access-based database solution. "Not required" means that you do not need to have any version of Microsoft Access installed on your computer in order to use ChildCare Office Pro software. If you do not have MS Access, a free runtime version is installed automatically when you install ChildCare Office Pro software. If you have a version of MS Access already installed, please let us know which version.