ChildCare Office Pro software child attendance tracking. Windows XP, VISTA automatic daily hourly billing.
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ChildCare Office Pro is a child care, childcare software, day care software, daycare software database software program for Windows XP or VISTA. Complete child attendance tracking, sign in and sign out features! Account transactions, including a running balance, by individual account is at your fingertips. Features of this childcare or daycare software include bookkeeping, bookeeping software for office management. Complete accounting software for general ledger, p&l, p & l, profit and loss, statements, tax statement, income tax, statements and quarterly tax reports to file. This daycare or preschool software database program is for large or small day care centers, child care facility, child care school, dayschool and preschool program that does tracking and bookkeeping for office management for a childcare nursery school center business. It has a bookeeping feature, child management, parent and guardian report management, and automatic tuition billing for any size child care center.